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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
I agree for the most part this tax almost symbolic in that it won't make a dent in anything. I was really pleased they raised it out of the 250 grand for couples territory. That gets all the attorneys at the office cleared so now they won't fire me. It was really a pretty big victory for the upper middle class to have that threshold raised.
But if you think that medical device tax, and a bunch of the other ones meant to pay for healthcare aren't going to change things for everyone you are crazy. Another 14 billion in tax breaks for wind, we get that back in higher electrcity for everyone. So there are so many things Obama doing that will make things more expensive over the next 10-20 yrs.
Yes getting the tax threshold raised from 250 TO 450 was awesome ........

If you look around at the next Bronco game you attend, you will realize that most of the season ticket holders are probably in the 300K income range for a family, definitely not considered millionaires and billionaires and they already pay taxes out the ass.
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