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Yes, Denver doesn't need 4/5 starters out of this offseason. What it really needs is to resign guys like Leonhard, Clady, Koppen, Clark, Bruton and maybe bring into one or two FAs that are second level players but still improvements over guys like Caldwell/Willis/Unrein/Malik Jackson etc.

My choices would Austin Collie, Shaughnessy or Gilberry and Dorsey.

That would allow us to go full bore with BPA in the draft (with hopefully getting a DT in the first three rounds).

I'm hesitant to go after safety because I really think resigning Leonhard provides the best value here considering what a great leader he is and mentally knows the game inside out, plus Carter will be back next year and should be given a chance to take his starting position back from Adams.

I know what you're saying with Henderson/Grant, but my choice would be Ellerbie from the Ravens but it's no big deal.
I'm glad you are on board with the Austin Collie request! I think he would be a cheap low risk high reward player! I think we have plenty of strong side DE depth, but agree we should upgrade Bannan with a veteran FA. I like Knoghton, Dorsey, and Branch as three candidates. And I would draft Brandon Williams in the draft!

As far as MLB, with the news of Ray Lewis retiring, Ellerbe isn't going anywhere. I don't like the scheme fit either.. But I would take Larry Grant as my stop gap solution and the more and more I think about it the more I am intrigued by Henderson playing as a three down MLB.
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