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Eh its ok. I got this same reaction when i said Welker had better stats than Marshall (while he was still here) so he must be better. This place went nuts....kinda like now. Since then Marshalls stats have slowed some til he got back with Cutler while Welker has continued to light it up.
What are you talking about? Marshall's stats have been good/great no matter where he's been at...and you say Welker has continued to light up but disregard the fact he's played for 1 team with the same role for the past 5 years?

Welker and Marshall are two different receivers btw.

I dont expect a Bronco forum to see what im saying because im talking about their guy. Kinda like the Jets forum who some think Sanchez is better than Rivers and the Bears forum who thought Grossman was better than Brees...or was it Rivers. Either way, they were wrong.
It doesn't matter what type of fan you're talking to, you're not comparing DT to anyone in this situation. You're saying he's not a star... but what you really want to say he hasn't consistently produced yet. That's a fair shake, but we all know damn well what he brings to the table every time Broncos take the field, and that's an elite STAR WR in the league.

Thomas reminds me of VJ because the way they run, kind of long striders and both are big though VJ is taller.
Thomas is not just a "long strider"... He has quick feet hence his ability to run shorter routes better than VJ. VJ gets little separation from defenders...he just out muscles defenders with his height and reach.

Matter of fact, I wouldn't even describe Thomas' running technique as complete striding...he runs like a runner (if that makes sense).

Watch these this "long striding" to you?

How in the blue hell does he remind you of Jackson?

Any tall WR is going to be classified as a long strider to be honest though. Let's be clear though, once again, DT and Jackson are not on the same level when it comes to athletic ability.

DT ran a 4.3.

RG3 threw for 3200 yards this year and wont be the ROY. Should go to Luck . I can see Russell Wilson get it over RG3 or even Alfred Morris though he is a long shot but he rushed for over 1600 yards and very much helped RG3. Sure he will be a star but right now he is a dynamic player. Speaking of which, is Russel Wilson a star right now?
Russell Wilson has been a star this season...he's a star rookie. So is RG3. So is Alfred Morris. They put the numbers up along with their teams record. Any rookie QB leading their team into the post season with double digit wins is a are you going to call them? Scrubs?

Also, they really did LEAD their teams, not on some Mark Sanchez, lets manage the game BS. They put up great QB numbers for any QB in any system.

Now, are they PROVEN stars? That's to be told.

They aren't even comparable to DT since DT has been in the league for 3 years and he's showcased his talent already. His production numbers weren't there due to his QB/injury...but it was apparent he had elite talent. This is what you're missing.

Im sure glad none of you vote for the HOF'ers. Hell you would have everybody in there who had a few good years.
Star doesn't = HOF

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