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Originally Posted by Chris View Post
Boltdolt is getting b****slapped left and right like blankman in an alley.
Eh its ok. I got this same reaction when i said Welker had better stats than Marshall (while he was still here) so he must be better. This place went nuts....kinda like now. Since then Marshalls stats have slowed some til he got back with Cutler while Welker has continued to light it up.

I dont expect a Bronco forum to see what im saying because im talking about their guy. Kinda like the Jets forum who some think Sanchez is better than Rivers and the Bears forum who thought Grossman was better than Brees...or was it Rivers. Either way, they were wrong.

In anycase, ill agree Thomas will be a star baring injury to him or Manning but c-mon, he had 32 receptions last season and less the year before.
He had a breakout year and is on his way to being a star. Nothing wrong with that except you guys want him to be a star now! Well do it again is all i can say and he very well should with Peyton there.

Thomas reminds me of VJ because the way they run, kind of long striders and both are big though VJ is taller.

RG3 threw for 3200 yards this year and wont be the ROY. Should go to Luck . I can see Russell Wilson get it over RG3 or even Alfred Morris though he is a long shot but he rushed for over 1600 yards and very much helped RG3. Sure he will be a star but right now he is a dynamic player. Speaking of which, is Russel Wilson a star right now?

Im sure glad none of you vote for the HOF'ers. Hell you would have everybody in there who had a few good years.

On another note,...Its too bad they wussed the league down. Records will fall at a fast pace and i remember when QB's got in the HOF that had more INTs than TD's, back when the CB's could actually fight the WR for possition and the ball and not get flagged. Elway and Marino would have thrown for 80,000 yards.

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