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Originally Posted by Popcorn Sutton View Post
Yes, he's not what he used to be. Fine to admit he's better than Tamme. Light years? Not quite but keep on homering....
Tamme is an average TE, end of story.

OK dullard. I rounded up a game. His last 7 games he averaged 106 yards per game with Timmy Tebow. Not bad. Over a season that would be 1700 yards.
Not bad indeed but YOU said his last 8 season games which he would of averaged 60 yards per game. One huge playoff game lifts that average but they dont count for his season stats for which you said "Thomas was #2 in the NFL with Tim Tebow at QB during the last half of 2011", WRONG!

You said he was better than Thomas AND Decker though.
Going by your formula using stats, he was at the time. I was wrong about him bringing an impact.

OK Bolt Dolt. Don't use "the board" as a basis for your argument. I'm not "the board." Marshall and Welker are both elite receivers so meh.
Ok, calling now. In anycase, i dont know if you were a part of that or not but i got a lot of angry feedback from this board.

Based on your analysis. What does he need to do? Nearly 1500 yards and double digit TD production. OR, if you want to give me the Manning argument, averaging 106 yards per game after coming off of an achilles injury.
Read above. One good season doesnt make you a star. Trent Dilfer won a superbowl, is he a star? Is the Redskins rookie RB Alfred Morros a star right now? Whe you talk about the star RB's in this league, do you mention him? He may be soon but is he a star now?At least he did it year one. Tjis is Thomas 3rd and had his one good year with two meh's.

You don't need stats to know that Thomas is a star receiver.
Because right no he isnt and im not saying he wont be. He just isnt right now. He had a breakout season.

Like I said, he averaged 106 yards per game for his last 7 games. I rounded up.
But you goofed. He did, but not in the regular season.

Right. Yep. I guess Elway signed him for $20 million per year average because he was funny on Saturday Night Live??
haha, well he took a chance. What if he got hit hard early and he was hurt most the year wit a sore neck...or whatever? Everyone would be saying it was a bad risk. Risks are a make or break. He was funny though on SNL.

Hey man, its your time again. Enjoy while you can and then Osweiler takes over.

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