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ONE good season doesnt make you a star. Not saying he wont be but he isnt yet, no and thats what this board said about Welker after two better seasons than this. Funny, when it isnt your own guy he isnt a top WR in the nFL but when it is, its laughable that one good season dont make you a star. Like they say, do it again and again.

Is Crabtree a star? He has much better numbers than Thomas in his career by far and had his best season this year though not quite as good as Thomas.

Id call Crabtree one of the good WR's in the league but a star? He's no Steve Smith, or even Julio Jones imo who has been great right out of the gate.

Would you call Dez Bryant a star? He has better numbers in his career than Thomas in their 3 years and was on par with him this year. I think Bryant is emerging and very close and ahead of Thomas.

Just some examples. Not saying Thomas isnt very good, but i just dont throw him in there with the other star WR's. Its not a knock, Vince Jackson wasnt a star his first three years and Thomas reminds me a lot of VJ but i think VJ has a little bit better hands.
What does better "career" numbers even mean? Be specific.

Crabtree's numbers aren't close to Thomas, and everyone you named has worse numbers than you really don't have a point if you bring up people with WORSE numbers this season.

Did you say Thomas reminds you of VJ?

VJ hasn't put a season together that's even CLOSE to DT.... and let's not take away the fact that DT is astronomically more talented when it comes to physical capabilities.

They play nothing alike other than the fact that they both can play the deep ball well. Well, that's really the only thing VJ can do.

As far as Dez Bryant goes... he put together a legit season this year and if you want to call him a star go ahead...he's proven himself. You can see talent and "star" abilities by watching film and watching the game.

Only armchair GMs think otherwise.
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