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[QUOTE=Popcorn Sutton;3769683]You called me out for being a homer. I'd say your predictions prove who the homer is here.

Need a reminder?

Never said he was better. Need help with comprehension. Just showing Gates isn't what he used to be. Your point earlier in the thread was he was light years ahead and well....
You didnt but your implying it. But ok, and he is light years ahead of Tamme. Tamme is a average TE who has a superstar throwing to him and Gates isnt what he used to be but he is still better than Tamme. Gates will be more productive when we get a better OL. Everyone will be. It all starts in the trenches.

After returning to full health following his achilles injury, Thomas was #2 in the NFL with Tim Tebow at QB during the last half of 2011. Again, you called me out as a homer and I'm just proving you were wrong.
I dont believe Tebow throwing to any WR will have them in the top of anything.

You let your distaste for Denver skew your analysis and you are also making my point for me in this thread. Meachem is NOT and will never be a solid replacement for Jackson. Go back and read hot shot. You were the one talking about how great he is.
Never said he was great, i said he has big talent and he does but he is a slow learner apparently because he takes a while to get going everywhere he has been from college to the NFL and switching teams. He wasnt at all what they thought he would be but he has produced in the past. Still , i have to give Decker the nod til Meachem shows up but i dont think Decker is a great WR either.

WTF? Welker has been one of the best receivers in the NFL for the last few years. I don't know what to tell YOU. Wake up? He has the stats, rarely drops a pass, makes big plays when they are needed and causes nightmares for opposing coordinators.
Aww but when i pointed out those stats in HERE and said he was out producing Marshall who was a part of your team then, i got lambasted for it and was told Welker wasnt near the player Marshall is, he just has Tom Brady.
Sounds very familiar dont it. I guess nobody likes to hear somebody is better than their guy. You guys even defended Cutler who was a big douche and still isnt a great QB.
And ill say it now, Welker is not the best WR in the NFL. Do you think he is?

Are you still trying to make the case that Floyd is better than Thomas? Seriously?
Not really, saying he is good when healthy. I was comparing the group. Thomas still isnt a star yet.

Ramble much? Stats are a part of the analysis. What else do you want Demaryius Thomas to do? He has killed it since week 8 of last season with Tebow AND Manning.
Stats sometimes are misleading. Ill just point out Orton when he was here and leave it at that.

And Thomas had 27 receptions in the last 8 weeks of 2011. Two of which, he had zero receptions. Not what id call killing it but you said last 8 weeks of the season.
If your counting the playoffs, he had 37 his last 8 games.

Which is one reason why I thought your predictions in this thread were premature. You were comparing SD receivers to Denver receivers with Tebow at QB. I knew Thomas was a stud because I saw it with the most inconsistent passer in the league last season. Again, he finished off the season last year as one of the hottest Wide Receivers in the league.

True..but again, this board was saying Tebow was a good QB at that time...

Which is what I was predicting in this thread BEFORE the season. Now, who's the homer?
Nobody knew Manning would come back like this and why he considered for come back player of the year. Not sure he wins that or MVP over Peterson though but he would be my 2nd choice.
I know this isnt part of the discussion and you never said anything that he should be but as much as was huge for you guys, you still had the #4 defense in the NFL. Minnesota goes nowhere without Peterson because Ponder stinks.

Ill give credit where credit is due and Peyton has been nails after a shaky start.

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