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Originally Posted by DENVERDUI55 View Post
My offseason is a bit of a long shot but here we go.

DT Melton or Jason Jones

S Byrd or Gholdson

WR Amendola or Hartline

MLB needs to be address either by trade or draft.
At least your acknowledging this is a long shot.. But I will just talk about the scheme fit..

Melton wouldn't fit the scheme how we currently run it.
Jones esentially would fill the Wolfe role.

Byrd and Gholdson both play FS.. I think we need a big physical presence and Gholdson could potentially fit schematically. Byrd is a more talented version of Moore.

Amendola would fit in the slot..

MLB should be addressed, I would prefer FA or a trade to allow more flexibility in the draft.

Now, price wise and interest level will put all these players out of reach..
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