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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Action View Post
It's funny how we have people on here who support Cutler to the fullest yet he completely ****ted on the city of Denver. Yall are 6s just remember that.

Oh yeah... And McDaniels is a top coach in the league everyone knows that. That's why you people and the league are still talking today.
I don't know how anybody could support Cutler. As you said, he **** on Denver sorta, he's a dick, and most important, on the field he's actually not all that great. He throws way too many INT's, makes bad decisions all the time, doesn't have a positive attitude and is constantly badgering teammates when he makes just as many mistakes as anybody else on the team.

To be 100% honest, I'm glad he's not a Bronco anymore. To me, he's alot like Tony Romo. Will have some great games but for the most part, just way too consistent at making mistakes.
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