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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post

Yet 90% of those players were brought in and overpaid in his first couple of years.

Now lost the skells he brought in over the next 10 years and they did not reach thatnlevel.

Btw Rod Smith was already on the team when he got here.
Shanny hit on most of those guys he brought in over the 1st 3-5 years, couple like Williams got hurt, we lost guys like Griffith and Wilson later due to injury after productive careers. It is hard to draft and hit on guys when you are in the mid to late 20's every year.

The thing is that Shanny has a proven system he can win with, he did with a couple versions of his teams under 3 different QB's in Denver and he is now doing it with Washington.

As of right now the 2 hottest teams are the Broncos with 11 straight wins and the Redskins with 7 straight.

Shanny knows how to repeatedly for find quality backs that can execute his system, he has a well designed passing game despite not having one big time WR and he found ways to get the most out of a rookie QB, something mCd couldn't do with his prized rookie QB he traded back up into the 1st round to draft.

If you look it up you will find that most of the core players that where here through the mCd years were the core guys when Shanny was here, sure mCd cut the dead weight of guys like Webster and those safeties we had but then Fox came in and cut the dead weight of the mCd busts.

Fact is Shanny is having repeated success right now based on a tried and true system, if mCd were to find another coaching job he would have nothing to build on other than what he stole from Belly and then Chucking the Ball Deep to Lloyd when that failed.
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