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And yet, McDaniels cut Tony Carter as well. It was this current FO that brought him back. See how stupid that makes him look now?

In the interest of sanity I'm going to pretty much end this thread right here:

There are only two possible reasons why McDaniels has withdrawn his name from a HC job:

1. He genuinely doesn't want to be a HC this offseason.

2. Or, like every HC candidate this offseason he shortlisted a number of assistants/staff/OCs/DCs etc and was told to politely piss off by them. Every single prospective HC gets asked who his shortlist of candidates are for his potential staff and those guys are right now getting an understanding of whether those assistants would be available/ready to work with them in a new team (unofficially).

Given how McDaniels pissed off a lot of people my money is on number 2.

Or as Todd Haley said: "There's a lot of **** being talked about you!"
No, he just pissed off a lot of omaners and fans in Denver.

But, I think it's both 1 and 2... doesn't want to be HC, doesn't have enough assistants he can hire... along with the fact that there might not be a team that's open he's interested in.

Come on son, you're really using Todd Haley as a reference to prove a point?

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