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Those are just a few examples.

Care to explain away Lonnie Paxton (who got more money than Leach for essentially doing the same job), Brandon Gorin, Russ Hochstein, LaMont Jordan, LeKevin Smith, Renaldo Hill, Andre Goodman, Jamal Williams, Nate Jones, and other scrubs who he promptly started at OL?

But all is forgiven because he brought in Dawkins, and Buckhalter right?

Andre Goodman was just here last year when we beat the Steelers.

There is no HC/GM that hits 100% of his signings. That's a fact.

But Kevin Vickerson, Bannan, and Tony Carter are 3 FA's that he signed that eclipse anything Shanahan has ever signed in his whole CAREER and McDaniels found these players within 1.5 years. (Last 2 were released by the Broncos but acquired against by the current FO).

Also, McDaniels didn't put the Broncos in a financial **** hole even though those players didn't pan out.
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