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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
It's amazing when people put so much emphasis on that 1-4 start, whether it be teboners or McD lovers.

You guys do realize that was a lockout offseason WITH new coaches/gameplans. To think a team who transitioned a rebuild during a lockout offseason would start out slow is not out of the ordinary.
Almost our entire offensive coaching staff was the same. For the first five games we tried to run the same offense McCoy and Orton had been in for two whole years before then (along with four of our five starting OLs, all our starting WRs and TEs, and almost all our backups). The defense from the year before was epic levels of bad, any improvement would have been massive, plus they had Doom back for a few of those games, who was gone all the previous year. The STs were already in place and last I looked it didn't take a ton of coaching to tell a solid kicker and punter to do their jobs.

Yet we dookied all over the field for a little over a month until they put Teebs in and the defense gelled around a more conservative, run run run punt offense.

Hell of an argument you got there.
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