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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
You can sugar coat McDaniels however you want to. Fact is after the 6-0 start he went 5-17. Worst record in football during that 22 game stretch. He failed to make the adjustments needed to win games. Even cheating with video cameras couldnt help him win. He got progressively worse as his short career went on.
Our current HC started out 1-4 here, then fell to 2-5. We were talking Andrew Luck as a real serious possibility mid-season last year, FYI. See what cherry picking data points does for you?

Failure to learn from history dooms you to repeat it. You are failing to learn why McDaniels failed. It wasn't player personnel where he wasn't amazing but he also wasn't bad by any stretch. He worked with a limited budget and didn't get a bust in the bunch from his first rounders, the picks you need to have work out. He obviously hired good front office people, evidenced by Matt Russell being promoted by the new regime and being asked to interview for GM jobs. He obviously hired good coaches, as about half of our coaching staff are McDaniels hold overs.

So what was the failure? He hired the right people, he wasn't dramatically awful at player acquisition. Hell, he made Kyle Orton look like a solid QB for a while there and even had Dumervil putting up a career year on defense with a greatly improved D in 2009.

McDaniels' time here got progressively worse because he was unable to delegate responsibility and unable to present consistency of leadership. The former led to his own burn out, the loss of quality coaches (Nolan) and the marginalizing of others. The later led to him losing the locker room. McDaniels lacked the experience and/or personality to be "the guy" for an NFL team.

Maybe that could have been rectified by keeping a strong GM over him instead of saving a few sheckles and giving him full autonomy, maybe it couldn't and he was going to blow up regardless. But being unable to look back and see not just that he was a failure but WHY he failed is weak and does nothing to stimulate growth.

Its clear that Bowlen has learned from those two years, and learned quite well. He's looser with the money now, he's taken Joe Ellis out of real football decisions, he brought in and empowered Elway, and he demanded an experienced HC who is comfortable letting his coordinators coordinate. The end results have been very enjoyable to date, but are only happening because Bowlen didn't do what 80% of this site does when talking McDaniels - discount everything and want it all burned to the ground. Instead a much more objective eye was taken across the board and what worked was left in place while what didn't was removed.
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