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You can sugar coat McDaniels however you want to. Fact is after the 6-0 start he went 5-17. Worst record in football during that 22 game stretch. He failed to make the adjustments needed to win games. Even cheating with video cameras couldnt help him win. He got progressively worse as his short career went on.
Shanahan had colossal collapses, and he was a vet HC with 2 super bowls.

Look, there's no perfect coach. You can only put so much weight on a coach who didn't get 2 seasons, let alone 3, to coach a team in his FIRST coaching gig. I would put that standard on ANY coach not just McDaniels. Let's be clear about that.

Didn't use the cameras, obviously people are mad so they still use this.

Yes, the team fell off due to ultimately, hiring a ****ty ass DC because he wanted the defense ran only his way. Does that sound familiar to you?

Fact is, McDaniels should have never been asked to run the whole damn organization with no support all while being the head coach of a football team considering it was his 1st HC position in his career... ignoring that fact alone really jades the reality people try to paint with these records.

Oh yeah, let's not add the **** talent that was on the squad to begin with and the financial **** hole the Broncos were in because our previous head coach liked to sign week old peanut butter and jelly sandwiches off the street.
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