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Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
You do realize that the purpose of increasing the debt limit is to fullfill commitments that have already been made, not to increase future spending, right? Because it would be stupid NOT to increase the debt ceiling under that proper understanding. This was an uncontroversial issue until the Tea Party lunatics got into Congress.
You do realize we keep hitting the debt ceiling because of failed policies, bailout outs, and the economy just isn't growing like Obama wanted, with the democrats refusal to seriously cut spending. Not to mention Obama has been rocking the war machine even though he ran on a platform of "Bringing the boys home".

Look I realize everyone has a personal agenda. If I was getting a government check I wouldn't be lobbying for spending cuts either.

Obama got his entitlement votes and it's what got him elected. Will be interesting when those people get lopped off the government tit. It's coming. It has to.

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