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1. His 4 first round picks have paid off as well or better than anyone else in the league over that stretch. Thomas is a future star, Ayers has been a solid starter/very good rotational DE who has continued to improve. Moreno was the starter for two years, was never healthy last year long enough to even compete for the job, and now looks even better so far this season. Tebow took a 1-5 team to a division title and a MASSIVE win against the Steelers, that alone was worth the pick.

2. His second round selections were weak, but also 3 of the 4 came in his first year on a short prep schedule. McBath couldn't stay healthy after his rookie year, but that happens to anyone's draft selections. Smith and Quinn were busts (though Smith did have two solid years as a backup CB for Detroit). Beadles however has been a starter since day one and has done quite well for us, so at least one of those four was a clear hit.

Total success rate in the first two rounds = 5/8, not bad by NFL standards.

After that you list a bunch of late round guys which no one expects much from (Thompson's career with the Broncos is FAR better than you'd normally get form a 7th rounder for example).

As for free agents, you're griping about a bunch of low cost filler additions that ever team makes. The current regime gave Joe Mays more guaranteed money for this season than all of those players ever got from the Broncos excluding Orton, but that big payday for him was due to Elway's decision, not McDaniels.

His time here was the purge this club needed post-Shanahan (who I still argue is a first ballot HoF coach). Acting like he failed at everything in general is narrow minded, half assed bull**** that is beneath a board where people should be able to parse data into finer groups than "succeed" and "fail".

Now it's 1-5? Keep spinning the truth.

Sure every team makes the low cost filler additions. Problem was McD was using them as priority. Gotta love throwing Jarvis green all that money for not even 1 play.
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