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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
We have A LOT of McDaniels guys as core components of this team, especially for a guy who was only here for less than two full seasons.

Thomas, Decker, Beadles, Walton (pre-injury), and Moreno on offense are all heavy contributors.

Ayers, Vickerson, Bannan (brought in by McD, released by Elway, then brought back again) are all key contributors to the DL.

Colquitt is a McD acquisition, and Prater was on the verge of washing out until McDaniels brought in a new ST coach to get him squared away.

McDaniels' problem wasn't player acquisition, enough of his guys are still around to prove that.
Yes, with 8, yes EIGHT picks in the first two rounds in two drafts, even a blind fist pumping monkey could hit on a few players.

McDaniels problem wasn't player acquisition? I guess the rest of the league just hasn't caught up with the greatness that is:

Tim Tebow
Perrish Cox
Eric Olsen
Syd'Quan Thompson
Alphonso Smith
Darcel McBath
Richard Quinn
Seth Olsen

Not to mention players he brought in like:
Lawrence Maroney
Jarvis Green
Kyle Orton
Brady Quinn

Brady Quinn, Kyle Orton, Tim Tebow? That's what McDaniels brought to the table at the most important position on the team. The guy is a piece of sh*t when it comes to anything outside of being an offensive coordinator and even he realizes that now.
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