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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Melton wouldn't fit the scheme if we continue two gapping.. Knighton would be a welcomed addition, but he's going to cost around $4 - $5 million a season. That's why I keep pushing for improved talent up front. With our current personnel at LB, their abilities and best attributes will be brought out if they can freely flow to the ball. Especially with some of these MLB prospects I see people asking for, who get washed out of plays easily in college, making the transition to the NFL will prove to be a difficult one, if the DTs in front of them cannot dominate.
We already have a MLB in Irving who doesn't see the field at Mike because he can't fight through traffic and shed blocks so he's been tried as a backup to Von this year. It's extremely rare to find a three down Mike that's at home in coverage and can shed blocks and still make plays.

This is why the progression of Raheem Moore/Chris Harris has been so vital for our defense because those guys flow to the ball carrier extremely quickly and don't miss tackles preventing those big plays on the ground.

I can certainly understand the argument that with guys like Bannan/Unrein/Jackson our DL played well, but it's a flawed argument because against the cream of the AFC (Houston/New England) that same DL was blown off the ball and lost the battle in the trenches. That's what we're up against. Not the mediocre teams in the AFC but the playoff calibre teams that we'll face again and again in the playoffs. And to compete against that we need superior DL that will take away the run and make Schaub one dimensional and so on.

We have around $10million extra cap dollars to work with on defense with DJ/Mays not really in the picture next year (at least not under their current deals). That money has to be dedicated somewhere and I don't see a free agent MLB that's worth that. DL though, absolutely.
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