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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
Barry is good friends with our univ Pres and sold her on one of his assistant ADs who she hired as our AD. The guy was awful with alumni and did not want to be here...and while he was helping with the NCAA investigation Barry tells him to go to Nebraska when we needed to weather thru the NCAA storm so he ditches us. Then Barry tries to go after our coach.

He also has lost a lot of good assistants at Wisky because they don't pay them well and he has done nothing to rectify that. Many assistants left for Arky LAST year due to pay issues so its no surprise Bielema went there this year....he is frustrated with the pay issues and can't keep his best assistants. I've also heard Barry is difficult to work for and loves to hog credit.
What university? Was your president held accountable for her choice?
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