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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
I'd be a fan of any coach that replaced that loser.

Let me qualify that AGAIN. liked what he did with HOF players when they left he was average at best. Wn a lot of meaningless games but when it counted he lost games. The last three years could have been in the playoffs with one winning game more each year but they fizzled. In the playoffs except for ONE count it one game in the playoffs all ass kickings. Let me repeat that so it sinks in


Why y'all did not get that is beyond me.

I loved what Josh did to change the team as it needed it.

Dinner bell just rang out here on the ranch.. Later.

There are many here that agree he wasn't very good the last 3 years. Those same "many" think McDaniels ended up being a horrible coach for us in less than 2 years.
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