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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
When a coach moves up to draft a guy then trades him after one year he is making mistakes. Shanny had a larger sample size, 14 years to mCd's 18 months.
Mistakes were made no doubt but nothing like Tanahanas shooting snake eyes in the crap shoot called the nfl.

Well documented 6 of 41 round 1-3 players resigned during is tenure in Denver. Of them only DJ was drafted after 2000. Personally IMO dj should not have been given the superstar contract he was.

Josh based most of his decisions off of Tanahans scouting reports or since he fired all of them a few weeks before the draft had to scramble to do a draft board based on what he could come up with NO ONE knows for sure..
But I know I would not have based all my decisions based on a scouting department that was looking for Mikey's type of guys vs what I needed.

Drafting mikey type players does nothing to change the complexion of the team just more of the same.

Of the players he did draft other than Tebow all of his #1s from year one will be resigned (as it looks today) and all of the 1-3 in the second year will be with the team..
As it stand s now those 18 months will yield as many players long term as tahananaS 14 years will.
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