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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
IMO and a great many folks throughout the NFL just getting rid of the moron was enough.

He is a coach killer with his attitude of my gun is better than anyone else's Incan force my passes into tighter spots and all is good. The moke has a 100 TDs but has funbled and been intercepted IIRC 150 + times.

He has the physical atributes to be one of the greatest QBs. Burke him it is the mental issues that kill him.

We got draft choices for him. And that was a plus. We got draft choices for the other two morons Tanahana wasted draft choices on.

What we got from them frankly I do not care. I moved past worrying about it. Clearly you have not.
We got draft picks for Cutler and they threw in Orton, sadly mCd wasted those picks, wasted the Tebow pick, blew the Smith pick and didn't he even move up to get Quinn?

The kid was totally unprepared for a HC gig and still is to this day.
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