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Originally Posted by UltimateHoboW/Shotgun View Post
For what. What did we get in return.
IMO and a great many folks throughout the NFL just getting rid of the moron was enough.

He is a coach killer with his attitude of my gun is better than anyone else's Incan force my passes into tighter spots and all is good. The moke has a 100 TDs but has funbled and been intercepted IIRC 150 + times.

He has the physical atributes to be one of the greatest QBs. Burke him it is the mental issues that kill him.

We got draft choices for him. And that was a plus. We got draft choices for the other two morons Tanahana wasted draft choices on.

What we got from them frankly I do not care. I moved past worrying about it. Clearly you have not.
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