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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
I think you need to count the guys mCd either drafted or brought in that haven't found jobs since. Shanny might have him beat but it is closer than you might think.

Facts are every new coach evaluates talent and bring in guys to run their systems.
We have A LOT of McDaniels guys as core components of this team, especially for a guy who was only here for less than two full seasons.

Thomas, Decker, Beadles, Walton (pre-injury), and Moreno on offense are all heavy contributors.

Ayers, Vickerson, Bannan (brought in by McD, released by Elway, then brought back again) are all key contributors to the DL.

Colquitt is a McD acquisition, and Prater was on the verge of washing out until McDaniels brought in a new ST coach to get him squared away.

McDaniels' problem wasn't player acquisition, enough of his guys are still around to prove that. His problem wasn't coaching hires, enough of his staff are around to prove that. And the problem clearly wasn't his FO staff as we've generally just been promoting those guys since he's left. He had no ability to be "the guy" and that is why he failed here. He couldn't delegate authority and he clearly had trust issues. End result he couldn't be a leader of men.

Funny thing is that both Belichick and Shanahan had similar ego driven issues attached to them in their previous jobs. The "doesn't play well with others" label and all that. That is a frequent reason for HC failure of course and most never fix it, but whether McDaniels does or doesn't is no longer something for us Broncos fans to worry about.
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