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First, cumberbatch is a bad ass. If you get a chance, see him in Sherlock. If he got to play Khan, I would definitely consider it. However I'm 80% sure he isn't Khan. And 50% sure he's Gary Mitchell. We'll find out soon. Regardless, the new movie looks like it could be a good sequel.

Must agree, have become a big fan of Sherlock and both lead actors in it. As for the character, it's been long rumored to be Khan and the preview gives some indication that is a revenge scenario giving some small credance to Wrath, but I think you may be correct that he is not Khan. One random detail came out of the Wikipedia on Benedict, take it for what it's worth though because I am not sure it's really verified, but it stated he was playing John Harrison. also found this article:

So he probably won't be replacing your avatar. And really who could replace Ricardo Montalban and his rich corinthian leather.
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