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Originally Posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
On a personal level, I agree with both you and Bmore Manning. I just have serious doubts that the front office believes we need to spend top resources at DT, especially after our success this year with three guys that would be considered league average at best. We do have to pinch pennies somewhere in order to extend our WRs and Woodyard.

Keep in mind, last year as fans, we thought Bunkley and Thomas were must-resigns after strong years. Neither were.

As for snap count, as long as we have Manning and continue to play with the lead, a DT in our scheme will continue to have very limited snaps. And Denver's mile high air will always dictate the big DTs play in a rotation.
Hmm. . . Maybe. The FO already spent its top pick last targetted towards a DL who's played a lot at DT.

I agree that they're not going to go out and try to break the bank for somone like Melton if he comes loose, but last year this FO spent $4.5 million on a one year try out for Mays, had DJ at around the same price until he renogiated so without those two players playing the majority of the season who else will they value given how well our DL has played?

The draft will have excellent value at DT and we have a need with Warren already on IR and Bannan turning 35, and JDR already knows we don't have a single LB outside of Von that is any good in traffic, shedding and tackling so they'll need someone upfront alongside Wolfe/Vickerson to plow the way.
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