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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
It doesn't surprise me in the least that you would be a Josh supporter. Makes a ton of sense.
Neither supportter or detractor.

He did what needed to be done in Denver got rid of as many knuckle heads as he could, got rid of most of the oline that sucked in the redzone.

Got rid of 8 out of the 11 defensive starters none of which started for any other team the next year and most of them were no longer in the NFL in 09.

Would have gotten rid of dumb ass but that out roar would have been deafening. As he was not quite yet a Praia yet. Was dumb as a post but not quite bad enough to cut.

Unloaded all the light in the ass RBs that hung on.

He cleaned house when it needed to be done.

So was I a supporter of that absolutely. The way he handled some things no. But he did what Tanahana failed to get done formgoing on a decade cut dead wood to clear the way for the kids he drafted and brought in. More importantly the players that John the GM brought to town.

Joshes only downfall was not having a great GM for picking players. Well,second one was not staying out of the way of his DC and allowing him to do his job. But at least he was smart enough initially to hire a DC that was not a yes man.

I'd rather be known for supporting the plan Josh had when he came to town than being known as a tanahan suck up.
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