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i love the idea of Crennel or Jauron to replace Del Rio if he leaves.
Lovie is getting a HC gig so discussing him is moot though he would be my #1 with a bullet.
he helped develop the tampa 2 D while with Dungy in Tampa and has ran only that his whole career but even Del Rio tweaked what he normally does to fit the talent of Denver when he came here.
I like Lovie, but I don't think that he fits in with what we are doing defensively. I don't think Von will be used properly under Lovie. Lovie would put Ayers at DE and Wolfe at DT.. I really don't like his principles and our personnel.

Jauron has really improved the Cleveland defense and I think he would be a better fit and would be able to run with what we are doing. I think that Cleveland would have a lot of success running a scheme like ours with their personnel. Sheard, Rubin, Taylor, Winn and maybe a Jarvis Jones coming off the edge. Jauron has also not been fired yet.. Should they get an offensive minded HC, they would be wise to keep Jauron.

I think Horton will be the HC somewhere next year, Arizona would be wise to keep him and go after a OC who was a former HC, Turner/Gailey.

There are plenty of young position coordinators, but I think we need continuity at the position and Crennel is not only beyond qualified, but he will not be called on as to coach somewhere, probably ever again. He would be able to solidify the position and really utilize our personnel.
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