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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
This may be the unpopular view, but Romeo Crennel is a fabulous DC who has the respect of his players. He always has his teams playing great defensively.. As I have suggested Tom Moore for OC if McCoy leaves, but he will stay as long as Peyton plays in Denver and Peyton loves continuity in the structure of the organization.

That would lock up OC until Peyton is done. And I don't think Crennel will be getting a head coaching gig anytime soon, but he is a brilliant defensive mine. I think he fits more than some of the other names that I have seen, Smith and the Tampa 2... And we run a hybrid defense, so I want a 3-4/4-3 hybrid type flexible mind. Horton would be great but that's not an option. Keep in mind that our front plays in two gap principles, which would make a 3-4 coach an option.
i love the idea of Crennel or Jauron to replace Del Rio if he leaves.
Lovie is getting a HC gig so discussing him is moot though he would be my #1 with a bullet.
he helped develop the tampa 2 D while with Dungy in Tampa and has ran only that his whole career but even Del Rio tweaked what he normally does to fit the talent of Denver when he came here.
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