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Originally Posted by TDmvp View Post
98ish Broncos or this years team ... Go ....

I would most likely go 98 because everyone says the way to beat Manning is keep him off the field , and Terrell is the perfect weapon to do that with...

That 98 team was so loaded on O with many semi HOfers from the line to the skill spots. But this team is young and skilled with a brain at the helm...

Would be a great game. Elway and Manning are like comparing apples in oranges tho so lets not make it that , I'm talking about teams. The game is so different now. Elway would throw 4k a year all day with these rules.

But anyway .... go....
I think this is premature, however, comparing how things were in not very long ago, even in August, to just entertain this comparison makes me happy.
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