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Originally Posted by Vine View Post
I got into a discussion of current bonafide and potential hall of framers on Denver's defense with my brother and I came up with 4 players on Denver's defense that I think have a good chance of making the hall.

Champ. Enough said.
Von. Barring an injury shortened career, he will be a lock.
Doom. Borderline, but a few more productive years might get him in.
Harris. My brother disagreed, but I think he will take champs spot of the shut-down corner to lock down his side of the field. Not saying Harris is the sure thing, but just saying he has the potential.
Champ has already earned it. Von (Yr2 - see Terrell Davis resistance x 100), Doom (see Simon Fletcher stats) and Harris?? Harris?? Harris?? (see Mike Croel)

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