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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
He raped two the ass...with a 15 inch dick with AIDS. It's been only one year since his last debacle where he got Spaz fired. He knows he is toxic. This is akin too a guy announcing he is withdrawing from consideration from a job right before they hire the other finalist so he can save face. McD is saving face...nothing more....because it would look even worse if he wasn't getting interviews when B and C list candidates were getting interviews.
Holy **** man, you seriously even blame him for St. Louis and Spags losing his job?

I live in St. Louis, pretty much no one here feels that way. They had a lockout shortened off-season to teach a complex offense, Bradford couldn't stay healthy all season, none of their receivers could hang onto a football except Denario Alexander who couldn't stay healthy, and their OL was easily one of the worst in the entire league.

Everyone knew this, no one blamed McDaniels. Its why the new owner let him out of his contract immediately instead of at the end of the NFL season so he could go to work for the Pats.

There were already multiple sources including the ever reliable Schefter saying he was a top candidate, as he should be because the list of good offensive minds is incredibly short. Most great offenses are ran by the HC (Green Bay, New Orleans), there is a clear lack of capable offensive minds in the NFL today. I'm sure there are more than a few owners who think McDaniels minus the Cutler headache, GM powers, and with an owner who enforces a distribution of power to his coordinators/assistants would do quite well for them.

Also, you're relying on the narrative that PFT is painting here about him supposedly cold calling owners. The same site that less than two weeks ago had a story about how the Browns were interested in McDaniels and how he'd "jump at the chance" to take over the Browns. Don't you think it's much more likely that he's told his agent to notify interested parties that he's staying in NE, like most guys who have agents handle job offers?

Its amazing how quickly people look for a reason to hate the guy. At this point a flimsy rumor by someone admitting to previous editorializing in the same article is being taken as the bible to go after him when he's two years removed from this franchise.
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