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Originally Posted by TDmvp View Post
98ish Broncos or this years team ... Go ....

I would most likely go 98 because everyone says the way to beat Manning is keep him off the field , and Terrell is the perfect weapon to do that with...

That 98 team was so loaded on O with many semi HOfers from the line to the skill spots. But this team is young and skilled with a brain at the helm...

Would be a great game. Elway and Manning are like comparing apples in oranges tho so lets not make it that , I'm talking about teams. The game is so different now. Elway would throw 4k a year all day with these rules.

But anyway .... go....
Not meaning to take the air out of this thread but this type of comparison does not mean anything until you let this play out through the playoffs. The 98 team won a Superbowl. This 2012 has not experienced playoff pressure yet which means everything when talking about team comparisons.

If we want to do a position by position comparison that is fine. I agree the 98 OL is signficantly better than this years even though the 2012 unit is pretty good. The 98 OL was outstanding that dictated the game both on the ground and in the air. Obviously, we have no one close to TD.

98 Elway/TD offense vs 12 Manning hurry up offense , that is a discussion worth having.

The key matchup would be Manning offense vs a good opportunistic but not great 98 Defense, In 98, there was no one running this type of hurry up offense against defenses. Difficult to say how that 98 defense would hold up against Manning. We were not particularly great in the secondary in 98 (Braxton, near the end Atwater, Gordon, Crockett). I guess the difference would be how well we could pressure Manning.

The other matchup of how our 12 defense could stop the run with TD and an outstanding OL is another big question. No one in 98/99 could stop us. How good defensively are we really in 2012. That is where the upcoming playoffs against very good teams over 2 - 3 consecutive games will prove it out, not this past regular season.
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