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Well, lets compare the units.

QB- Trying not to be biased here. Manning has the smarts and extreme accuracy. Elway has the feet and the cannon. Both are clutch when the game is on the line. Equal.

O'Line- 98 team hands down. This year's team has a good O'Line, but the '98 O'Line was a great great unit.

RB's- 98 team in a blowout. Obviously TD, but also Howard Griffith is far superior to anything resembling a FB on the current roster.

TE- 98 team in a blowout. Sharpe vs Driesen and Tamme?

WR- 98 team easy. Rod should be HOF and Eddie just made plays. DT is looking to have a long solid career, and Decker has shown that he can be a competent #2. But Rod > DT and Eddie Mac > Decker

D'Line- This years team in a blowout. Doom is better than any D'Lineman from the 98 team. Von is technically a LB'er so I'll consider him there.

LB'ers- Probably the '98 team. Romo, Mobley, and Cadrez were a very solid unit. Other than Miller, the Broncos LB'ers are probably the defensive weakness.

Secondary- This year's team. Although it is kinda close. Champ anchoring the secondary with solid play from Harris and Carter are very strong. But Atwater, along with Crockett and Gordon were decent, too.

P/K- Even Solid punter and kicker on both teams.

So, who would win? I'd have to go with 98 Broncos. I don't think this year's team could stop the 98 Broncos offense.

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