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I have to disagree on the defense last season...not as good as this year for sure, but I still consider the D as the reason we made the playoffs at all. Denver led the league in 3 and outs, average less than 20 points per game and was -12 in turnovers. That puts the D in tough positions. It was light years better than the previous season. There's a reason Dennis Allen got a HC job, and it's not just the stupidity of the raiders.

So essentially wanting an internal hire on the offense is the same argument for hiring Richard smith to keep the Defensive evolution going. While the other side is hoping to take the opportunity to take another step forward since we have the replace the coach anyway.

If you ain't getting better, you're getting worse.
The bolded part made me laugh. That's exactly why he got the job actually.

And you're honestly living in a dream world when it comes to your assessment of last year's defense. They gave up roughly 24 points per game last season and surrendered over 40 points on five separate occasions. The fact is that their overall improvement from the year before was almost entirely due to the arrival of Von Miller and the return of Dumervil. Sorry, but it's true.
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