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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
He raped two the ass...with a 15 inch dick with AIDS. It's been only one year since his last debacle where he got Spaz fired. He knows he is toxic. This is akin too a guy announcing he is withdrawing from consideration from a job right before they hire the other finalist so he can save face. McD is saving face...nothing more....because it would look even worse if he wasn't getting interviews when B and C list candidates were getting interviews.
Oh boy. It was not his fault Tanahana got fired nor was it his fault that the trifecta of meatheads was traded. If you'd get your head out of your ass and your bromance for them you would be wise..

As for Josh frankly there is not a team that has a spot open that I'd be interested in talking to. They are all cluster****s and have been for most of the decade all but perhaps CLE and maybe JaX have lousy owners that have been lousy since forever.

Next job I'd be looking for has a chance of success. None of them are going to be anything but 4 year plans. Maybe even more in the bears case. Their defense has been their strong point and it is OLD.

I'm also guessing that he did not call them himself that is what agents are for.
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