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Originally Posted by BroncoMan4ever View Post
Doom averages about 11 sacks and 3 FF a year. In comparison a guy like Strahan who will probably be first ballot averaged 9 sacks and 1.25 FF a year.

Now if Doom continues to average 9 sacks a year for 6 more seasons he will end his career as one of the top 15 or so sack artists in NFL history. Doom is well on his way towards HOF consideration
Yet strath an played in media rich NY. Doom in the media barren waste land. 50% of the games played will be late games and 50% of them will not be shown in media rich cities.

Odds are against any Bronco going into the HOF. I can think of at least 6 guys that played in Denver that had statistically better careers that will never get in..

Such is life.
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