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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by Drek View Post
Most people with NFL FO connections have suggested that yes, the league was in fact lining up to go after him again.

Hell, there was a thread here like a week ago about Chicago, the team with a "franchise" QB McDaniels already butted head with once, having rumored interest. You think something like that comes out when no team is actually interested.

I'd bet that Buffalo was real interested. The multiple back running attack McDaniels used this year with Ridley/Woodhead/Vareen would be powerful with Spiller and Fred Jackson. Fitzpatrick would be a much better QB in McDaniels' offense than he's been in Gailey's as well.

San Diego is likely going to be in the hunt for someone who can get Rivers back on track and again, McDaniels has shown the ability to get QBs to play well and often with limited WR talent.

Hell, supposedly Shad Khan has already predetermined that he wants Tebow on the Jags before he has a GM or is sure his HC is sticking around, so why not get the coach who believed in Tebow enough to draft him in the first round?

There have been too many vacancies created today for a guy like McDaniels not to have suitors already at the door. It's a damn smart decision on his part to stay put though, because the ideal situation likely isn't out there for him and he can make significant maturation with Belichick, possibly sticking around a few more years and simply inheriting the Pats HC job.
He raped two the ass...with a 15 inch dick with AIDS. It's been only one year since his last debacle where he got Spaz fired. He knows he is toxic. This is akin too a guy announcing he is withdrawing from consideration from a job right before they hire the other finalist so he can save face. McD is saving face...nothing more....because it would look even worse if he wasn't getting interviews when B and C list candidates were getting interviews.

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