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Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
Our defense wasn't very good last year, especially whenever they faced great QB's. It needed a serious coaching boost. There is no way you can make the comparison you are making without looking stupid. Sorry.
our defense went from pure **** to respectable in one season with Allen.
we gave up yards and big plays by design to get sacks and force turnovers.
that's what every cover 2 bend but don't break defense does unless you have elite players that can take the bend out of it.

we had a elite player in his rookie year, so so players at DT, the LB and DB depth was a complete joke.
we have gotten more experience and brought in much more talent.

continuity and chemistry is key. but so is hiring the best person for the job.
saying we shouldn't disrupt Manning and the offense by bring in a outside source because it is improving and doesn't need messing with aside from upgrading talent in certain area is the same as saying we shouldn't have hired Del Rio because the defense was a certain way and improving.

we jumped from 25th to #4 in offense, but fell from #1 in rushing to #16.

under Allen we went from being ranked 32nd in total defense,25th in passing,31st in rushing,32nd in scoring and a -9 in turnover differential which placed us 27th. to 20th in total defense,18th in passing, 22 in rushing,24th in scoring and a -12 in turnover differential which placed us 26th.

we improved even further under Del Rio, but if you use the argument that you're making about the OC for Manning for the defense then we shouldn't have hired Del Rio since it could have disrupted the uptrend of the defense.
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