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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by winstoncup bronco View Post
I get what you mean. We've come this far, getting the #1 seed and HFA, and not cashing in on all of this would be a disappointment, a missed opportunity. Just like in 1996, when we had everything set up for success. That season still leaves a bitter taste for me.
It really crushed me and Elway too. I was really worried that he'd retire and not every get his ring. The 1997 season was pure hell for me until they won it. I was cussing and screaming at the TV with every missed tackle, dropped pass, turnover and loss we had that season. I was a complete basket case until the SB game went final. The truth is we were cheated out of 3 in a row. In 96 the Broncos had just as great of a team as they had in 97 IMO and should of won the whole thing.

This year it's the same deal, we have everything in place to take it. These chances don't come along. It took 37 years for the Broncos to win their 1st Championship. Will it take that long if we don't get one this year? Hopefully not but the expectations have to be set high. Just sayin...

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