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face it FL, you have no clue as to what the hell you are talking about and it sounds to me like you are just making stuff up. What purpose does it serve Hunt to not release Pioli? He's basically castrated Pioli and is doing Pioli's job so Pioli is making the money for doing nothing anyway, right? So why keep him around? This is a horrible management decision by Hunt. Either way, Pioli is getting his $.

And now you are saying the Hunt didn't know about Pioli's reputation? He had to ask Manning? LMAO! Didn't Clarky do his research before he hired Pioli? Didn't Clark know that Pioli had a bad rep before he hired this guy?

You mean to tell me he didn't hear about Pioli's rep through the grape vine? I mean, the guy owns the friggen team, right? How did he NOT know about Pioli's rep? And again, why is he keeping Pioli around? Why not dump this guy and move on?

whatever, you are guessing on all this stuff.
I am not saying this from my opinion, Mr. Tombstone. I'm just reporting what I've been hearing and seeing through the news.

From what I've seen, Pioli has a huge amount of money owed to him and he's trying to squeeze it out of Clark. This seems accurate since Pioli denied signing the extension 8 weeks ago that had a buyout clause. He's apparently been speaking with the Titans and Clark knows this.

I'm just thankful that Pioli has no real say in anything anymore. Hopefully a coach who has proven himself will be hired.
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