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Originally Posted by FearLanier View Post
This is true. Pioli has had several lawsuits filed against the Chiefs from frustrated past employees and Clark knows he's talked with the Titans. Why fire him and pay him undeserved money when he knows Pioli has spoken with Bud Adams about a job?

It was reported by SOC (Marty knows someone who works inside Arrowhead) that Clark spoke with Peyton Manning yesterday and Manning said that the main reason he didn't even consider Kansas City was because Pioli has a horrible reputation around the league and he didn't want any part of it.
Yes I saw that report on CP. I know Peyton is polite but is rather not have him essentially giving a rival owner tips on how to better their franchise. What stuck out to me the most about that report however was that Clark would have to actually ask Peyton anything. EVERYONE EVERYWHERE knew that this was the could Clark not know that Pioli's rep was that bad...everyone knows that. Is he living in a cocoon?
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