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Randy Gradishar

I'll get my head chopped off for saying this but until we win a Super Bowl all the pride and glory we had as fans going into the playoffs will quickly fad if we take an early exit. We have to deliver in the playoffs and the Super Bowl.

This isn't taking anything away from the great season we had but we're on the second half of a journey now, the far more important one. If it doesn't lead to a win in the big game especially given the circumstances we find ourselves in with home field, Manning in his prime and the best D we've had in years, all the work to get there will be a big disappointment. The table is set, the Broncos must win a Super Bowl this year. We may not get another chance for who knows how long. Manning has had 12 opportunities and only converted 1 to a Super Bowl win. Now is the time to deliver.

I'm not trying to piss on the parade. I'm just tired of great regular seasons, playoff wins and AFC Championships not adding up to Lombardi's. Does this make me less of a fan? Bowlen is a great owner always has been but Elway's story has not been completely written as a genius in the front office.

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