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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
Georgia Tech 21 USC 7 Final.

USCs disastrous season comes to an end with a loss to a team that had to get a waiver to get into the bowls due to a losing record. Wittek looked like trash....USC never wanted to be there. Reminds me of when we played ND there a few years were cold and didn't want to play.

Hey Roh....who would have known in the preseason when you guys were No. 1 that Miami would end up with a better record than SC?

In all seriousness you guys gotta get rid of Kiffin. He is totally destroying that program McD style.
That game was hard to watch. Pete Carroll knew how to coach his players to earn a win. Kiffin only coaches them to expect to win. He's a bull****ter and puts a bull**** team on the field. Once again, he brings a completely unprepared team to the game. They were smiling and trash talking at the GT players in the first quarter as if the Yellow Jackets didn't belong on the same field as the Trojans. That kind of arrogance gets you your ass kicked, as it did in this game. The other thing, this team acts as though, if it's not the National Championship, they just don't give a ****. Hopefully, when some of them get to the NFL, some vet knocks some sense into their thick skulls.

Anybody notice that when Pete was coaching Matt Barkley he was one of the top Heisman candidates and now, after two years of Kiffin, he's a second rounder? If USC keeps Kiffin, Wittek should transfer out.

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