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FL, is this really what you think the road to success in the NFL is? It sounds like you're trying to justify every move the Chiefs make after the fact. Waiting to hear the direction they're going and then explain why it will work.

I'm sorry, but I have little respect for Clark Hunt. I think he's an imbecile. I think he doesn't really like American Football. I think he wants to get back to his soccer and wants someone who will run things and every move he has made, including the one that is in progress, are the signs of a man who wants nothing to do with the franchise and the responsibilities therein. I think he loves his father and understands the legacy he casts on the entire NFL and is trying to do right by him by being the owner, but at the end of the day I think he has no clue and wants for find someone to take this "problem" away.

"A coach that does everything! That's a great idea because then the GM and coach won't fight as they will be the same person! Now me and my buddy Pioli can watch Glee together!"

Oh, and four of your five pro-bowlers were drafted by Carl Peterson - you know, the guy who "didn't do anything."
This is the furthest thing from what's going on Kaylore.

If Clark didn't care about football or the Chiefs he wouldn't be going out finding a HC. He's not having a GM go find him a HC. He's doing all of that work himself. He's putting this in his hands. Pretty telling sign that the owner cares, wouldn't you agree?

The reason why I'm ok with Clark's current approach is because of this: it's different that what the franchise has done the last 40 years.
The structure has been the same for years and what has it gotten us? Clark is changing it. Why is he changing it? Well he said some coaches want more power and that's the truth. He wants a strong HC. And he wants to have the HC be the one speaking with him personally before the GM to get his opinion.

I agree that a GM first is the best way. Clark never said that a GM wouldn't come in. He just wants the coach to be the guy who runs player personnel more than in the past.

As for the pro bowlers, King Carl didn't even want DJ. Him and DV wanted Thomas Davis and took DJ as a consolation prize. Herm was decent in the draft room in NY. He had the most influence on those draft picks in my opinion while King Carl drafted blunder after blunder from 99-2006 when he had more say in the player personnel side.

Honestly I'll let you know my complete feelings when the HC is hired, and I will do my best to not have any homeristic feelings (but we all have those at times).
HC is the most important position to fill in the organization this offseason IMO, especially with this draft coming up. I'm glad Clark feels that way too.

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