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Originally Posted by Jay3 View Post
And with that development goes a bunch of the arguments as to why Tebow should not have been picked, or should not have been given a chance. And why the Broncos just had to stick with the Orton offense through Tebow's rookie and sophomore year.

It was always much simpler than people were willing to make it -- if the kid can throw it well enough, get him in there. If he can't, move him on into the heap wherever Blaine Gabbert, Brandon Weedon, Kevin Kolb, Brady Quinn, etc. all go.

Everything got too clenched up over Tebow's style of play, and arguments upon arguments that it could "never work." When in reality, anything can work.

It was always just a simple question of whether he's good enough to be one of the 32 starters in the league -- a very high standard, and one in which many people fall short of in a constant river of prospects.
I thought Weeden looked pretty good throwing the ball against us.
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