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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by Drek View Post
Both RGIII and Cam Newton went to teams that made their success a top priority. Tebow got drafted by a coach who didn't make it through that season, took a team to the playoffs that had a coaching staff unwilling to let him throw, then wound up on a team that represented itself as wanting him to compete at QB but really just wanted him to be a gimmick.

Not really the same experience.
2 of Tebows HC's refused to start him including the one who moved up in the draft to get him. I think both saw what they traded for and then had buyers remorse. I know he was drafted in a lockout year but still if mCd thought he was ready he would have put him in at some point during his last 6 game losing streak.

Plus McCoy built an O around the guy that helped him succeed and it still took miracles and one guy running out of bounds and the same guy fumbling to back into the playoffs.

RGIII and Newton are better versions of Tebow and are more successful.
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