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I don't understand the love for McCoy suddenly. Even with a guy like Tebow we either ran 3 straight plays or would wait until 3rd and long to throw the ball. There was zero rhythm in play calling. When we did let him throw a bit more and weren't as predictable he had some of his better games. No we have possibly the best QB ever running the show. The offense was middle of the road at best when Orton was QB. I won't miss him at all when he's gone.
McCoy's offenses reflect the qb running them. Tebow, offense sucked and was insanely predictable but was the only thing approaching a feasible Tebow run offense that we have seen so far in the league (Jets would rather die with Sanchez then even try a Tebow offense). Orton, middle of the pack offense for a backup qb. Manning, at the top of the league. He is no Bill Walsh, but he allows the qb to display his talent no matter how different the talent is. Making sure the scheme gets out of the way of the players doesn't sound all that impressive until you remember that coaches like McDaniels also exist.
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