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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
The thing is Tebow is being out Tebow'ed by RGIII, even Cam Newton is a better Run/pread Option/throwing QB than Tebow is.

I have a gut feeling that if he doesn't find a fit where he can start for a team this year he may just leave the NFL and go into politics or something where he can stay in the public eye and spread his message.

The worse his NFL career goes the more tarnished his image gets.
Both RGIII and Cam Newton went to teams that made their success a top priority. Tebow got drafted by a coach who didn't make it through that season, took a team to the playoffs that had a coaching staff unwilling to let him throw, then wound up on a team that represented itself as wanting him to compete at QB but really just wanted him to be a gimmick.

Not really the same experience.
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